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Purchase ACF PRO and unlock ACF v5 plus the repeater field, flexible content field, gallery field and options page features!

Feature #1

The Repeater Field

The repeater field allows you to create a set of sub fields which can be repeated again and again whilst editing content!

Any type of field can be added as a sub field which allows you to create and manage very customized data with ease!

Feature #2

The Gallery Field

The gallery field provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing a collection of images.

Multiple images can be added, edited and sorted with ease!

Feature #3

The Flexible Content Field

The flexible content field is a complete content layout manager!

Define groups of sub fields (layouts) and add, edit, and re-order them to create highly customized content!

Feature #4

Options Pages

The options page provides a set of functions to add extra admin pages to edit ACF fields!

All data saved on an options page is global and can be displayed on any page throughout the website (good for header and footer data)!

Plus all the awesome-ness in ACF v5!

Smarter field settings

ACF now saves its field settings as individual post objects


More fields use AJAX powered search to speed up page loading

Local JSON

New auto export to JSON feature improves speed

Better version control

New auto export to JSON feature allows field settings to be version controlled

Swapped XML for JSON

Import / Export now uses JSON in favour of XML

New Forms

Fields can now be mapped to comments, widgets and all user forms!

New oEmbed Field

A new field for embedding content has been added

Better Gallery Field

The gallery field has undergone a much needed facelift

New Settings

Field group settings have been added for label placement and instruction placement

Better Front End Forms

acf_form() can now create a new post on submission

Better Validation

Form validation is now done via PHP + AJAX in favour of only JS

Better Relationship Field

New Relationship field setting for 'Filters' (Search, Post Type, Taxonomy)

Moving Fields

New field group functionality allows you to move a field between groups & parents

Better Page Link

New archives group in page_link field selection

Better Options Pages

New functions for options page allow creation of both parent and child menu pages

And a whole lot more!

Have a few questions? No worries.

Is ACF PRO an add-on or a plugin?

ACF PRO is a stand alone plugin which does not require the free version to be installed. ACF PRO is best thought of as the free ACF plugin but with a whole lot of awesomeness on top!

Is ACF PRO replacing add-ons?

Yes, ACF v5 has moved away from using individual add-ons towards an all inclusive pro version. This pro version bundles together ACF and the 4 premium add-ons into 1 easy to access plugin!

Will I lose any data upgrading from free to PRO?

Not at all. ACF PRO contains the same code-base as the free version and is 100% compatible.

Can I use this plugin on my client's website?

Yes. However, if you are developing multiple websites, you will require the developer license to enable updates for each.

Can I upgrade my license?

You can upgrade your license at any time. Simply login to your store account and follow the prompts. Your license will be upgraded and we will just charge you the difference!

I'm an existing customer, can I have a discount?

Sure! If you have purchased an ACF Add-on in the past, you will be eligible for a free version of ACF PRO! Please login to your store account to claim your free copy of ACF PRO!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! We offer a full 30-Day Risk Free Refund if you are unsatisfied with this plugin.

I have another question

For more FAQ's, Contact our support email @

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